March 25, 2018

Towards a product independent ERP training model: An
Insight from a literature review

Is the title of my article that is published in
Australasian Journal of Information Systems Vol 22, Research on Educational Technologies

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Special Thanks to

Thanks to my co-authors :

Muriati Mukhtar Associate Professor of Supply Chain ManagementNational at University of Malaysia (UKM)
Nurhizam Safie Associate Professor at United Nations University International Institute for Global Health (UNU-IIGH)
Muhamad Yusnorizam Ma’arif ERP Consultant at Petronas Malaysia
Shima Mostafavi Software Engineer at TrainSmart Australia

And special thanks to Dr Graeme Pye at Deakin University and Associate Professor John Lamp, Editor-in-Chief at
Australasian Journal of Information Systems and external reviewers.

Here is the Abstract of my paper:

ERP can be called as one of the most significant contributions of computer science and
particularly information systems for the business environment which can support all
complicated business process of an organisation including sale, purchase, warehouse and
manufacturing into a single database. For such complex system like ERP, implementation
involves much collaboration which raises the concern of the success of the project. Among
most significant success and failure factors of ERP implementation cited in the literature are
training and consultation. For many years the majority of ERP vendors promote their product
specific training models as long-term and expensive allowing the organisation to gain
knowledge of the ERP system and the way it handles the business process. However, recent
studies showed that ERP training can be conducted in the short term and with minimum
investment and yet to be effective. Findings triggered a signal and opened a new door for
research to investigate vendor-independent training models that require limited investment
in training and consultancy. This paper aims to provide an overview of the literature;
highlighting the research methods and theories used by authors towards building ERP
training models and methods.

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Towards a product independent ERP training model: An Insight from a literature review
Towards a product independent ERP training model: An
Insight from a literature review

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