January 2, 2016

Part of my work has been published as a book chapter. Thanks to Dr. Nurhizam in health IT security forum for his effort in editing the chapter and thanks to Dr. Eric Vanderburg, Member of the review board at Health IT Security forum.

I presented a workshop on the health IT security models in ERP systems at university Budi Lahur in 2013:

Seyed Mohammad Motahar, Presenting health IT security model in ERP systems (GNU Health at university Budi Lahur

This is the short summary of the book :

” Information technology (IT) which being used in our daily work today. In addition, the information technologies (IT) are actually expanding from time to time and it’s included in the health world. In the healthcare system, services and structure are basically using IT. Information technology (IT) helps to improve the health sector to make it more efficient and quality. Using the IT Security in healthcare also give another advantage where all the patient information being stored in secure with the help of IT. This book will introduce the readers about the IT Security that helps to secure all the information in the healthcare area.”

Please click here to download the book.




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