November 19, 2013

What is GAP analysis ?

Gap analysis is simply the comparison of actual performance (As is) with future potential  performance (To be).  ‘GAP analysis’ is using as a means of classifying how well a solution meets a set of requirements.

GAP Analysis in openERP is playing a critical role in order to calculate the man days required to do the implementation.


There is a module in openERP repository. It is called Gap Analysis (gap_analysis) and it is developed by Elico Corp. You may refer to the repository of this module to download it. 

This module provides the necessary tools to create and manage your gap-analysis. Once the Gap Analysis set as Done, you can generate a new project with all the task from the Gap Analysis

After downloading the module you just need to copy them into the addons folder. Need to mention that modules work with Aeroo and Webkit engine so you need to have them both installed in your system. In addition you need to make sure you have xlutils and xlrd module installed on your server.

For example below is the error message that I faced during the installation of modules that was because of not installing above modules.

 File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/", line 273, in _uno_import
    return _g_delegatee( name, *optargs, **kwargs )
ImportError: No module named xlutils.copy

Just installed those pakcages by entering below command

sudo easy_install xlutils
sudo easy_install xlrd

Now you can see that there is a top menu on the screen for GAP Analysis.

OpenERP Gap Analysis
OpenERP Gap Analysis

Just click on the first menu called GAP Analysis in your openERP instance and you can see below page:

New OpenERP Gap Analysis
New OpenERP Gap Analysis

The second tab called pricing and you can change functional analysis price and technical analysis price and finally compute the total.

OpenERP Gap Analysis
OpenERP Gap Analysis


This is a very useful module You can manage many functionalists like”Ability to provide quantity discount” and category is supported “Sale, Purchase, etc” .

You can also add workload for everyday and the type of work like Training or Development.

In addition in the Report menu you can generate a full gap-analysis, with the total planned workload and cost estimation.

OpenERP gap_analysis
OpenERP gap_analysis