Essential Development Tools For Open Source Projects In Terms of Project Development Management, You need to make a decision about 4 Essential Tools to use for your Open Soruce Startup. Here they are. Project Hosting Organize your  projects in a centralized collaborative development environment. Assist with existing open source projects, or start new projects from […]


Dec 2012

What is NPD ?

This post is mainly for young inventors who are looking for new ideas to create their virtual/physical product in their field of expertise. Apart from the marketing issue they are facing as the number one issue which most of them don’t pay enough attention to, lacking the skills of creating a product in a systematic […]

I have recently enrolled for a short course in Business Model Generation one of my interest topics. The course is about learning the key tools and steps to build a successful startup (or at least reduce the risk of failure! ). below is the introduction to the basics of Steve Blank’s famous Customer Development process. Steve Blank […]