Motahar is an inventor, university lecturer and a computer scientist. He holds PhD in computer science from National University of Malaysia (UKM) in Collaboration with United Nations University – International Institute for Global Health (UNU-IIGH). He has experience of teaching courses in bachelor and Master degree in computer science, including Cyber Security, Business Analytics & Big Data, Web Development, Network, Information Systems, Software Testing, and final Research Projects for MBA students. His research interest is related to critical success factors of ERP implementation projects with the focus on training, consultation and mentoring. As
an independent researcher, He is conducting ongoing research on ERP systems and their adoption in different vertical industries and how to simplify the process for power users. He always places extra emphasis on Innovation and critical thinking in all his TV, radio and newspaper interviews and
mentoring sessions with young professionals.

My Current Students

If you are already my student you can quickly navigate to your course resource page to get access to additional resources. See below

United Nations University
Hospital Information Systems Development

Southern Cross University
Cyber Security
Research Methodology
Web Development

Australian Federation University
Software Testing

Future Students

If you are interested to work with me for your academic projects I can supervise below list as a first or second supervisor.

  1. MBA Industry Project,
  2. Final Year – Project Bachelor of Software Engineering
  3. Final Year Project – Master of Software Engineering
  4. Master by Research – Software Engineering
  5. PhD by Research – Software Engineering

Join me in IT Competitions

I regularly participate into national and international competitions.

AT&T Mobile App Hackathon– Award of Best App Technical Excellence
Top 10 Finalist App

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